Students shall take care not to cause other occupants of the University hostel/residence or any other person any injury, disturbance, disruption, distress, annoyance, nuisance, harassment, inconvenience or damage to their property.

Students shall not bring firearms and/or any other dangerous or offensive weapons (including, without limitation, any replica firearms/weapons or parts of a weapon/firearm) onto any part of the hostel/residence.

Students shall not permit others to occupy the hostels/residence without the permission of the University. Students would be responsible for the behavior of their guests while they are in the residence and for any damage that they may cause.

Students are expected to take care not to damage any furniture in the hostel/residence or remove such furniture from the hostel/residence or any room in the hostel/residence. All furniture must be in its original position at the end of each use period. Students will be liable for any damage to furniture or decoration arising from unauthorized rearrangement of fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Each student is jointly and severally liable for any damage caused within the shared areas of the hostel/residence. At its sole discretion, the Management of the Hall will solely determine the cost of such damage and agrees to act reasonably at all times. The person who has caused the damage will pay the cost of the damage in the first instance. In the event that it cannot be ascertained who has caused the damage, each occupant will be jointly and severally liable for the cost of repair of the damage, including replacements where necessary.


Occupants of the hostel/residence are hereby informed that the Management of the Hostel shall not in any circumstances incur any liability in respect of loss or damage to any person, or loss or damage to any property or otherwise unless the damage is proven to be caused by its negligence.

The Management accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the loss of/or damage to any motor vehicles of whatever description or to bicycles parked on property.


  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Bed Sheet and Cover Cloth
  • Pillow Case
  • Personal Effects e.g. laptops etc.
  • Fan (optional)


  • Television sets
  • Gas/Electric Cooker
  • Firearms/explosives
  • Cigarettes/drugs (except prescribed)


  • Concierge
  • Tuck Shop
  • Business Centre
  • Buttery/Cafeteria
  • Dry Cleaning Service
  • Common Room
  • Reading Room
  • Courtyard/Seat out (under construction)